Titajans Dış Tanıtım Ltd. Şti.


Promotion Services in International Foreign Publications and Digital Platforms 


Titajans Dış Tanıtım Ltd. Şti.
(Since 1972)

Established in 1972 by journalist Hilmi Zafer Erdem, with the name of “Turkish Economic Promotion Agency” as an agency preparing economic news to Turkish and foreign newspapers. Later on, with the name of “Titajans Dış Tanıtım”, it started to cooperate with the advertisement departments of foreign newspapers and magazines, for the promotion of Turkish export products, abroad. Since then, Titajans executes Turkey advertisement / media representation of many foreign publications.

It offers worldwide promotion services of brands, name / image and export products / services with selected foreign, national , international and sectoral publications.

You may find new markets for your export products and services and reach potential clients, by benefiting from foreign international/regional publications’ promotion (advertisement, advertorial, special report and news) activities.

One or a few foreign publications that we represent, will definitely arouse your interest, for the international promotion of your company and products, in relation to international investment and sale of services, from sectors like textile, fashion, construction, food, packaging, metal&mine, ceramics, tourism, electronic, machinery etc.

Opportunity to promote your products and services from U.S.A. to Japan, from Middle East/Arab Countries to Europe and Russia.

Titajans Dış Tanıtım Ltd. Şti.
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